onsdag den 17. februar 2010

Tanner mayes

so this fine young girl has been in the industries for a while now, and has done a lot of porn, she has done 1 anal movie, however that never came out since she got into a fight with the producers, apparently this dude who calls himself porno dan made the movie, and proclaimed it,

afterwards Tanner herself made the proclaim on Adultdvdtalk:
"There was a dvd of this "Porno Dan" and I doing anal, but I wouldn't release it for a million dollars.
He's such a.... ugh! Props on his press releases though, gotta give it to him, nothing else to do but fuck the hottest girls and then talk about it. Go Dan!!".

she has sadly been through alot even a meltdown taped and ended up on the internet, lets hope she get herself a good agency and continues to make movies, which she is diffently good at.

A couple of links to some of her movies:

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